Chapter I: The Beginning asks you to open your mind as it builds magic and expectation for the journey ahead.


    Chapter II: To The Magic Garden plays with timelessness, connects you to your body and guides you deeper into trance.


    Chapter III: In The Magic Garden introduces the space in which most of your journey will take place.

    A physical place of trust within.


    Chapter IV: - Negative - Minus - Less - transforms negative feelings into a tangible entity that become an ally.


    Chapter V: + Positive + Plus + More + amplifies states you’ve identified as positive and want to experience more of.


    Chapter VI: The Knowing connects you to an inner wisdom that lies under surface level emotion.

    A metaphysical place of trust within.


    Chapter VII: The Awakening connects you back to the collective unconscious, ready to put your experience and knowledge into action.



    For the fullest experience possible listen with headphones full through from the beginning to the awakening. Do this for the first few listens and from then on customize your experience by listening to the tracks (or track) that reinforce the message needed in the moment. As each track has a specific function, whilst building on peace, love, trust, connection and purpose.


    Before beginning, set an intention of integrity and truth. Tune into your intuition and listen for divine inspiration within. Then trust what is waiting for you. Set up a space. Somewhere peaceful so that you may fully immerse yourself. You might want a diffuser nearby with a scent you enjoy. Before getting comfortable you may want to stretch your muscles to begin the process of going inward.


    As you listen allow yourself to drift where you need to. Leave behind your ideas of what trance should be, instead follow with an open, curious mind and a willingness to explore. If you are considering the suggestions, you are doing great. Your level of practice and connection will create variations in how you process the information you receive. At first you may be distracted or show resistance. If you find yourself in the critical, mundane or overly practical part of your thinking acknowledge and thank those thoughts presenting before sending them on their way.

  • There are different ways to listen, it is your choice how you move through them:

  • Breathing

    Begin to take deep breaths down into your diaphragm, making sure the in-breath is significantly shorter than your out-breath, to slow down the heart rate and relax the muscles further. Find a rhythm you feel comfortable with and continue. Relax your shoulders and the muscles around your eyes and face.


    Sit or lie with your feet and hands apart in a comfortable position. The palms of your hands open, facing upwards. For greater benefits it’s best that you don’t fall asleep completely, if this happens, try sitting up or listening earlier in the day. You may think you have drifted off but if you come back around at the end, then you are responding to the suggestions and absorbing messages


    Having your eyes closed will help you visualise better and stimulate inspiration and answers. If visuals come easily, then go with it. If not you may prefer to concentrate on sounds, feelings, colours, landscapes, or simply a knowing. As you listen, focus on a message, such as a symbol, metaphor, image or a sentence in line with your intention. Make it as big and bright as you can, something you can action and use to redefine your reality, to help you distinguish what matters and operate from your truth as you go about your day and move through the world.


    After a few listens through you can choose to listen with your eyes open. Allowing your visual awareness to soften and expand, exploring your peripheral vision. There might be times where you want to connect to feminine energy and get up dance or move, primally and energetically to the parts you feel deeply. You can hold your hands up to the skies flat to collect energy in the palms of your hands.

  • On awakening, you might feel the need to expel energy by exercising, dancing or stretching. Do that. Then focus on reflection and action. Treating all as information not definition. Have a pen and paper ready to write or draw your experiences and/or answer the following questions:
    What was the most important revelation you were shown? How can you action it to be in line with your highest intention?


    Read out loud what you’ve written. Share your experience with those you trust for added compliance and accountability. Reflection isn’t passive, it’s an active, emotional reaction. Keep it charged.
    Spend the time with it you can, daily if possible because the more you listen the more you’ll want to listen, and the more you want to listen the more it becomes a part of you. Listening is simple, but letting go is a journey of practice, patience, consistency and kindness. Give the protector which once believed it was performing a positive function time to absorb, adapt and process new information in different contexts. Push yourself through difficulties. Growth doesn’t happen without exposure to new experiences and embracing new perspectives. It is often uncomfortable but always worth it. You might not even believe you are experiencing anything at first. That’s ok. Slow and steady change has greater impact than instant success.
    This is not simply a short-term fix for changing your state in those moments when you are hijacked by emotion, but in reprogramming your mind, body and spirit for better in the long term. Surrender to it and know nothing has to be the way it’s always been. From this day forward trust that change is taking place, for change is inevitable and your divine power lies within.

  • Never listen to any part of This Feeling is You whilst driving or operating machinery, doing anything that requires concentration or attention, under the influence of mind-altering substances such as alcohol or drugs. Only listen when you can safely relax completely in an environment away from distraction. Please do not listen if you have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Psychotic Episodes, Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or any other psychiatric conditions or psychological illnesses. This is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a doctor. If you experience any sickness or palpitations, during listening simply stop. If your eyes are closed, open them and take deep breaths.

    This is safe. You can relax more deeply knowing this. You will be in full awareness and full control. You won’t wake up unrecognisable to yourself. You will wake up more you. For this will produce significant altered states, which will help you get what you most want out of life for exploring these ideas will connect you to your highest self.